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Tolde Health

Ear Canal Cleaner

Ear Canal Cleaner

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Extract what you can see and remove it with ease -Tolde Health.

Our ear canal cleaner has a built-in HD camera that wirelessly connects to your smart so you can see EXACTLY what the condition of your ear is in.

This means that there is no more going in blind by using those harmful cotton buds. By using our cutting edge delicate scoop combined with the HD camera installed on the tip, it makes your life so much more easier and makes cleaning your ear so much more safer. You wouldn’t believe the damage that cotton buds can cause as our ears are very delicate and sensitive. By using cotton buds, it may appear as if your are cleaning your ear but in fact you are only pushing all of the wax back into your ear causing hearing loss and eventually infections which are quite costly and painful to treat.

The ear canal cleaner has an HD camera which makes it so that you can see into your ear canal making the extraction process easier.

It also has a long shaft coupled with a gentle scoop to extract any wax and does not push it back into your ear making it worst.

The average amount of times a person cleans their ear is around 100 times a year. If this is not you trust us, with our ear canal cleaner you’ll easily want to break that average.

So why not do it with ease and be safe at the same time?

What’s stopping you!

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